Working with the Ospreys

Forward thinking and innovative, Welsh champion rugby team the Ospreys has developed a number of initiatives, providing exciting opportunities in conjunction with business partners that are unrivaled in rugby. It is this combination of innovative thinking on and off the field, and the ability to consider both the local and global perspective that has allowed the Ospreys to not only confound the critics back in to 2003 but to thrive and become a leading rugby organisation.

The Ospreys approached Commit 2 Action in 2010 and have been working together since, to develop the team leadership skills and improve performance of their players and staff.

Commit 2 Action developed a continuing project that aimed to develop elite players that demonstrate Consistency of achievement, self-belief, self-discipline and Lifestyle Integrity.

Julie Britton commented, “Working with the Ospreys team has been a very positive experience. The aim was to develop a one to one relationship that develops individual skills in emotional/social intelligence, communication and listening skills, self esteem and self image and empowered goals that are realistic achievable and grounded.”

“The outcome has been that the leaders and athletes are empowered by creating a performance lifestyle. A performance lifestyle is when we have an empowered vision of ourselves and our goals with clear timelines and self-belief we can achieve it.”

With many of the Ospreys players in the current winning Welsh squad, it seems the results are there… both on and off the pitch.