Improve your wellbeing - Mind, Body and Soul

Are a lack of clarity and focus preventing you from being your best self? 

Or maybe...

  • you're lacking energy and have no joy in living?
  • there's no time for self-care?
  • your life feels out of balance?
  • you know your health could be better?
  • life just seems like too much trouble at times?


You're in the right place. Commit2Action's Mindfulness practice can help!

Commit2Action's Mindfulness practices derive from Julie's wealth of experience helping clients to overcome personal and business challenges. They distill key lessons, practices, and characteristics from her observations, into blog posts, articles, lessons and videos that will help you to maintain a healthy mind that serves you, at rest and in crisis.


Learn how gratitude can can help catalyse turning your life around.  Practice the art of letting go of expectations of self and others. Witness the power shift when responding, NOT reacting to life, by understanding the difference between feelings and emotions.


How can Commit2Action help deal with my lack of focus?

You will learn important skills and practices that will enable you to:

  • prevent burnout
  • prioritise yourself
  • create a more peaceful, and centred you
  • increase focus and productivity
  • say "no" with heart
  • regain your enjoyment of life
  • be full of energy and excitement
  • be more engaged and involved with every area of your life


If you're ready to really LOVE your life again, and live without all of the background noise, then contact us today to book an initial, one hour, no-obligation consultation, or to find out where you can join one of my Mindfulness sessions. *N.B The Commit2Action Online Mindfulness Course will be coming soon, and is expected to begin enrolment in February. 

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